iHerb Coupons

iHerb Coupons: Spend Less. Save Big. Earn Back.

Discount code: KOV618

iHerb is one of the biggest online stores for shopping sports supplements, healthy grocery, beauty products, pet goods, etc. online. I’ve been iHerb’s customer for 10 years, and I’ve learned how to save big and how to combine products for the lowest shipping rate.

$5 Off + 5% Credit

Save $5 on your 1st purchase, get 10% Loyalty Credit.

Code: KOV618

90% on Trials

Save up to 90% on trial products, get 10% Loyalty Credit.

Code: KOV618

60% on Clearance

Save up to 60% on clearance products, get 10% Loyalty Credit.

Code: KOV618

Speedy. Free and discounted shipping worldwide.

iHerb ships product worldwide. The shipping cost varies from free to discounted shipping. I have found that even the discounted shipping is often cheaper than my local delivery options. 

The delivery time depends, but living in Europe, the products arrive within a week (7-10 days). Excellence!

Earn back. Each time you buy, you get 10% back for each order.

I’ve never found another online health shop to give 10% back of each order to its customers. As soon as your current order has shipped, you will receive 10% loyalty credit of the value of your order. 

Your loyalty credit will be applied towards your next order, and they are valid for up to 60 days. Perks!

Guaranteed discount. Apply iHerb coupon to get minimum 5% Off.

I’ll do the calculus for you. A 1st-time customer will receive $5 Off + 5% Off + 10% loyalty credit. A recurring customer will save each time 5% Off + 10% loyalty credit. And these are the minimum discounts you will receive. 

Additionally, you have 5-10% quantity discounts, clearance discounts, daily offers, weekly offers, trial products at 90% Off, and much more. Whoah!

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Overall, iHerb is probably the best place to buy supplements and health products. iHerb’s online store is secure, with enhanced 256-bit encryption with tokenization. With an inventory turnover rate averaging 8.1 times per year, iHerb offers you the freshest products possible. iHerb only allows reviews from customers who have ordered the specific product from Herb.

iHerb genuinely provide the world’s best value on over 30,000 brand name, natural products. They have 24/7 customer service. And iHerb contributes to many eco-friendly initiatives. They also give back to the societies in need – worldwide, iHerb’s charitable donations have totaled over $2.3 million between 2017 and 2018 and over $4.7 million since 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

iHerb offers free shipping and the lowest possible rates, with the most orders eligible for free shipping over $40 US. Orders below $40 often pay a very low flat fee. Duties and import taxes are added to any order over $20, which often amount to around 10% of the order total. Shipping options include Local Post, UPS, DHL, and USPS. 

iHerb’s headquarters are located in California, USA. iHerb has also US shipping facilities located in Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania. Moreover, for the Asian region, iHerb has a shipping facility in Incheon, Korea.

Yes, iHerb maintains the highest quality standards and freshness to guarantee the safety of the products. All products are stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse so they can be shipped fresh around the world.

Recently, iHerb revised its rewards program so that all customers, new and old, can always benefit from their 5% discount on all orders. Credit is now a flat 5% discount on all orders, for every customer – use code “KOV618”.